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HDT - Hardware Detection Tool

What is HDT?

HDT (stands for Hardware Detection Tool) is a Syslinux com32 module that displays low-level information for any x86 compatible system. It provides both a command line interface and a semi-graphical menu mode for browsing.


How can I start HDT ?

Usage per subsystem

HDT can inspect multiple subsystems:

Boot parameters

HDT feature some boot parameters to control its behavior.


  • [doxygen:main.html Documentation]


The latest version of HDT can be found in the Syslinux tarball under com32/hdt/hdt.c32. Source code and official builds can be downloaded in .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, and .zip formats from

Builds of the HDT module can also be found below.


Current release

Previous releases

  • Syslinux 3.83 is featuring HDT 0.3.1
  •  HDT 0.3.3 for Syslinux 3.75
  •  HDT 0.3.2 for Syslinux 3.75
  •  HDT 0.3.1 for Syslinux 3.75
  • Syslinux 3.75 is featuring HDT 0.2.7 with a fix to prevent hard lock during pci detection
  • Syslinux 3.74 is featuring HDT 0.2.7


These are NOT suited for production.


HDT 0.3.5-pre2 menu
Menu displaying system summary

Disks detection (command line)
Command line interface inspecting disks

Projects known to use HDT

IRC Channel

Developers are usually around on the the #syslinux and #hdt channels of the Freenode network ( Feel free to join us for open discussions.

Mailing List

The official mailing-list is

  • You can subscribe to the mailing list  here
  • Archives can be browsed online  here

Please submit HDT patches to this mailing-list. should be CC: for integration patches with Syslinux.



  • Erwan Velu (Project Leader)
  • Pierre-Alexandre Meyer (Core developer)
  • Gert Hulselmans (Contributor)