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0.3.5 release

HDT 0.3.5 for Syslinux 3.83.



This improves the rendering and allow serial output. Note that minicom doesn't seem to render correctly the ansi codes.

  • Adding pci.ids in the hdt.iso
  • 'make hdt.img.gz' now generates a gzipped version of the floppy image
  • Fixing some typo
  • Adding & enhancing SMI detection
  • Resetting cursor position when exiting the menu mode
  • Inactive items are now brighter to improve readability
  • Adding a codename for each release. This one will be "mojito" in memories of some good times with pam.
  • Reboot

If your system features the reboot.c32 module, the "reboot" command will restart your computer. The floppy/iso images we provides includes this module to enable this feature.

  • Automatic Commands

When starting HDT, you can specify a new auto='<cmd1;cmd2,cmd3>' option. This option will automatically runs commands cmd1;cmd2;cmd3 in this order and then fallback to the CLI. It can be used to run automatic diagnostic when booting HDT.

-pre releases

These are still on the main wiki page. Will get moved at some point.