0.5.x release

HDT 0.5.x for Syslinux 4.0.x

The major feature of this release is the Dump mode.



0.5.2 Release

  • Adding 'silent' option to remove all messages
  • Adding 'display' option to show images at explicit times
  • Adding 'say' command to display messages at explicit times
  • Adding 'postexec' command to execute a Syslinux menu entry after HDT's execution
  • Addding 'dump_filename' option to choose the exported filename with 'dump' option
  • Dumping boot flag status

0.5.0 Release

  • Fixing ACPI display
  • Fixing label name for pre-build floppy


  • Avoiding false positive errors in tftp uploading
  • Informing user about commands run under automatic mode
  • Removing useless printf for dump mode


  • Fixing libupload init
  • Fixing auto mode parsing
  • Implementing TFTP error code & report it to the user
  • Preventing dump mode if no PXE stack present
  • Adding dump mode in menu


  • Adding chain.c32 to the pre-built images
  • Fixing HDDs display in GUI mode (If disk's positions weren't contiguous, some were missing)
  • Fixing CPUID behavior for Unknown vendors
  • Improving Cyrix/NSC CPU detection (some IDs were incorrect / older processors are now detected)
  • Fixing bootflag semantic in boot mode (We display presence of boot flag not the fact that a partition is bootable)


  • Adding dump_path option
  • Adding tftp_ip option
  • Adding Dump entry in the menu mode


  • Dumping CPU structure
  • Dumping PXE structure
  • Dumping Syslinux structure
  • Dumping VPD structure
  • Dumping VESA structure
  • Dumping Disks structure
  • Dumping DMI structure
  • Dumping Memory structure
  • Dumping PCI structure
  • Dumping ACPI structure
  • Dumping HDT structure