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How to start HDT

How can I start HDT ?

Since Syslinux 3.74, HDT is available in the Syslinux archive under the "com32/hdt" directory.

HDT can be started in 4 different ways :

The Com32 module

HDT is a com32 module that requires syslinux 3.74 or later. As every com32 module it can be booted like :

label hdt

COM32 hdt.c32

Using the com32 module with kvm/qemu

Since qemu 0.9.0, it is possible to boot a virtual machine while using a local dir as a local pxe server. This is pretty usefull because this allow a local PXE booting without the need of a complete infrastructure (dhcp/tftp).

First, install kvm/qemu, then setup you environment by creating a local pxe directory like "~/pxe". In this pxe dir, create another 'pxelinux.cfg' directory where you'll put the following configuration file named "default" :

default hdt prompt 1 timeout 5 label hdt

KERNEL hdt.c32

The copy the pxelinux.0 file from the syslinux archive to the ~/pxe dir. At last, copy the hdt.c32 file in the same directory.

Create a dummy disk file with

dd if=/dev/zero of=dummy.img bs=1M count=5

It's now time to start qemu/kvm to use that local configuration.

kvm -hda ~/pxe/dummy.img -net nic -net user -boot n -tftp ~/pxe -bootp /pxelinux.0

That's it !

The 2.88MB bootable floppy image

The 'make hdt.img' call generates a 2.88MB bootable floppy image.
Obviously, nobody today have this kind of floppy. This is mostly useful when people want to load hdt from grub2.

Grub2 configuration could be something like :

menuentry "HDT" {
  linux16 /memdisk
  initrd16 /hdt-0.3.5-pre1.img

The bootable ISO

The 'make hdt.iso' call generates a bootable ISO image. This iso is pretty small (~2MB). This is pretty useful for some QEMU/KVM testing or testing HDT on a regular PC when Syslinux isn't available.

A typical qemu call could be :

qemu -hda myhddimage.img -cdrom hdt.iso -boot d

Using to start HDT

You can use HDT via project.

* Download the BKO  floppy image and boot it via qemu :

 qemu -fda gpxe.dsk -boot a

When the menu appears, select HDT from the list.